Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayers for a Friend

I know that so many of you believe in the power of prayer as much as I do.  I am begging you to please join me in bringing this sweet family to the feet of Jesus.  A friend and former co-worker has a precious 3yr old little boy--Dyrk--who has been diagnosed with a very aggressive type of liver cancer that has also spread to his lungs.  He has been on the most aggressive chemo regimen that they can do to try and shrink the tumor enough to be able to list him for a transplant.  I received a text from Shelley this weekend that absolutely broke my heart.   Here is the text:

Ok everyone we need your prayers.  Dameon and I greatly believe in the power of prayer and dyrk needs them now.  This is what everyone can do for us.  Dyrk has developed resistance to his chemotherapy.  All lung surgery and liver transplant is on hold.  He was suppose to begin lung surgery this week but as of last week, he stopped responding to his chemotherapy.  Until he can show that he will respond to his chemotherapy, we can not go on to surgery - therefore the final cure.  So here's the plan--on Monday Dyrk will start a new chemo drug for five days.  He must respond to this medicine!  As the doctors say "This is it."  We humbly beg of you-Dyrk needs your prayers now more than ever.  Let's let prayer cure this child-his cancer is in God's hands.  When you go to church this weekend, please ask your church, bible study groups, family to pray for our Dyrk.  We are not ready to give up on him and we need you to not give up on him.  We need your prayers.  Thx-The Burcie Family

Please, please, please cry out to God on behalf of this precious little boy and his family.  We all know that God has a master plan and he purpose is perfect but in this situation it is so hard to understand what that plan and purpose is.  Here is a link to his caring bridge site.  I know Shelley updates as she can--
I too will keep you all posted via this blog so you can all know what to pray for.  I know this family covets all of your prayers and is grateful beyond words for all of the prayers on their behalf.

Last night, Ava woke up screaming around midnight.  I went up to her room hoping she would go back to sleep soon since I was so tired.  As I sat there rocking her and looking at her sweet face, I began praying.  I also held her a little tighter knowing that tomorrow is not promised to us--any of us.  I know I did not have my sweet boy for long but I know the pain of a parent who loses a child and I begged God last night that my sweet friend would not have to know it too.  I know God can heal and I will pray everyday that His healing hand will come down on this sweet little boy.
Until that day, I know that this family is wrapped in love and prayer and that God's arms are holding them so tightly. 

love to you all

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