Monday, June 6, 2011

Ava's Nursery

So I have had a few people ask to see photos of Ava's room so I am going to do a quick post for you guys! I will tell the story of her nursery for those of you who may not know.  When i was pregnant with Ian I found a contest online via theBump.  It was to be the Couple of '09 for a nursery design company called Peekaboo Design.  Peekaboo specializes in "surprise" nurseries, meaning they know the sex of the baby and will create your dream nursery but you still get to keep the surprise of boy or girl until baby is born.  If we were chosen as the winners, we would win our dream nursery---if we kept the surprise!!  Now we were by no means planning not to find out the sex of the baby but we thought "hey, if we get an amazing nursery then it would totally be worth it."  Long story short, we were the last couple to enter and we won!! When Ian passed away, Kim and the girls at Peekaboo were amazing.  They kept in touch with us, checking on us, and just really loved us through such a difficult time.  When we found out we were expecting again the girls jumped into action and started planning the nursery of our dreams!  Thank you Peekaboo Team!  They completed the nursery about 4 wks before Ava was born.  They had it locked up nice and tight so we couldn't peek!!  We had a reveal party when we brought Ava home from the hospital and were finally able to see their handiwork!
(Please excuse the photos---obviously i'm not a professional!)

ava's room 1

Descriptions from left to right:

  • The feather boa wreath on the door has an "A" in the center.  So super cute and girly!!  We have left this on her door and probably will for a long time!  
  • We LOVE this rocking chair/glider!  It is so awesome and comfy.  The ottoman doubles a storage for lots of her toys!
  • This wallpaper is probably one of my favorite parts of her room.  It is silver and pink and oh so pretty!  On the wall are our first 2 babies---Bently and Zoe---who sadly had to find new homes since they could not learn to play nice with Ava. :(
  • This girl has quite the closet!  And this is after I have cleaned it out a couple of times to remove the clothes she has grown out of!!

ava's room 2

  • The chandelier is my next favorite thing is this room.  It has a dimmer on the lights and is just fabulous!
  • Her dresser is EXACTLY what I was wanting for her room.  I did not want it to be to "matchy-matchy".  This reminds me a lot of my old dresser growing up with the way the drawers creak when you open/shut them.

ava's room 3

These wall words were a must for me in the room be it a boy or a girl.  My dad bought Ian a teddy bear that we buried him with that had this on its hand.  I really wanted him to be a part of this room so his little sister would know she has a special angel watching her from Heaven.  We added the photos after Ava came home and I think it is just perfection!

Let me just say that the entire Peekaboo team was AMAZING to work with.  They took care of so many little details right down to her clothes being washed and put away by the time we came home.  Peekaboo has so many different options from just helping with nursery planning to going all out and designing your dream nursery.  Check out Peekaboo Design for all of your nursery needs or for some great ideas!  Also, you will see on the page a photo of Hue and I as the next Project Peekaboo couple.  They will be airing our webisodes soon so keep checking back to their site!

Hope you all enjoyed your tour of Ava's space!

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