Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet Family Time

Today Ava and I got to meet her cousin baby Ruby for the first time!  Ruby is my cousin Summer's baby girl and she is named after our sweet grandmother.  Grandmother passed away just a couple of weeks before Ruby was born so she never got to meet these two sweet girls.  Well....she never got to meet them here on this earth.  I KNOW without a doubt she rocked and kissed both those girls before they left Heaven.  And I am sure she sang them a little hymn too because that is what grandmother did best! Here are a couple of pictures from the day.  Cousin Makayla also joined the photo fun as well!

Ava, great granddad and Ruby
Ruby, her momma Summer and granddad

Granddad and his girls

this is the only picture where all eyes were on the camera!

Makayla was eyeing Ava's bow...then she
tried grabbing it off her head!!

Aunt April and her girls

Speaking of my grandmother.  She swore by something called a bumper chair.  Now to most people, it looks just like a normal straight back chair but to grandmother it was a miracle chair.  She believed this chair could cure anything that was wrong with us when we were babies.  It is the BEST remedy for gas and upset tummies.  Well, wouldn't you know that my little girl has quite the tummy issues...gas, reflux, hiccups.  If it has to do with the GI tract, it plagues my baby girl.  So I have been on the hunt for my very own bumper chair.  My cousin Kerri came this weekend and that was our mission.  Who knew how difficult it could be to find but, those who seek shall surely find and find I did.  I got my chair for $5!!!  That's right....I said $5!  Thank you Frisco Resale for this awesome and much needed find.  Here is a pic of Ava's first "bump"!!  Oh how she loves it!

Thank you Kerri for pointing out this
very special chair!
Like I said....Kerri came for a little baby Ava time this weekend too.  We have been so blessed to have such great fellowship with our family this week.  Ava loves her "auntie" Kerri.  She just slept, cooed and smiled for her all weekend.  

taking a little morning nap

great Sunday morning--a good cup of coffee
and a cuddly baby

sweet sleep....we love you Kerri

Like I have said so many times I am so blessed.  Thank you God for such and amazing family.

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