Monday, February 28, 2011

yes...i know i am a bad mommy blogger :)

We have been super busy this month!!  We helped celebrate Ava's besties birthday.  Sweet J turned 1 and Ava had such a fun time at her party.  I love watching these girls together!  They are such sweet friends and we love our lunch dates with her and her momma!

We also had an old friend of mine take some 6mo pics for us.  Thanks Carie for such great photos.  Carie is an awesome photographer in Ft. Worth.  Check out her website:
There were so many great pics to choose from but below are a couple of my favs--

Ava's biggest accomplishment this month is learning to crawl!!  5 months old and crawling....this is not supposed to be happening.  She had a hard time trying to figure out what she was supposed to do.  So funny!  Most of the time she she tried to get up on her hands and feet and bear crawl but couldn't make that work either.  It didn't take her long to figure it out though!!

So many fun things happening these days.  I just can't believe my sweet girl is almost 6 mo old!  Time is going by way too fast.  We are just trying to enjoy the journey and cherish each moment we have with this special little girl!

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