Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

First let me say I am SOOOOO sorry that it has been so long since my last update and this post may be a little on the long side.  I have just been trying to keep up with my ever changing, fast growing girl!  She is going to be 5 months old tomorrow people!!!  How did this happen?  It was just yesterday that we were bringing this sweet girl home and now she is sitting up, eating (and trying to feed herself at that), and almost crawling.  I'm afraid my baby is very quickly turning into a very big girl.  This makes me so sad and so happy all at the same time.  It is so fun the way she is so interactive with us now.  Such a very social girl---hmm, I wonder where she gets that?!?!

I guess the easiest way to catch you up is to start with our 4mo stats from the doctor--
** 12 lbs 15oz
** 24.5 in (mommy measured 25 but oh well!)--mute point now because I measured her today and she was 26in folks!!
**  we are now in 6mo clothes if they have feet in them because she is too long.  Otherwise she is still in 3-6mo with plenty of room!
** Dr. Mehendale asked if she was starting to try and roll over and as if on cue, Ava rolled over on the table and put her chin on her hands like she was posing!!  The dr. looked at us and asked if we realized that she was going to do things early!  Yep...we sort of figured that one :)

Christmas was SO amazing this year.  We went to Amarillo for a week to see Nana and Papa.  Erin, Brad and the kids came at the same time so it was tons of fun.  Ava LOVES her cousins so very much.  I think they enjoyed opening all her presents for her.  Here are a few pics from that week--
Happy Girl!

Just a little nap with Papa

Not terribly interested in the whole present thing....yet!

Macie showing her the new music toy

one of the many bows placed on her head this day

"tasting" her new wand

lovin on her baby

my favorite of her Christmas outfits!

all smiles with Nana

Ava, Nana and Papa

Nana, Papa and all their kiddos!

our only family pic from Christmas

nappin with my Mimi--she came to Dallas after we got back from Amarillo

The next biggest transition for us was mommy going back to work!!  My first 2 days back were new years eve and new years day.  Ava got to really spend some quality time with daddy---12 whole hours for 2 days straight.  I think he realized just how hard it is to keep up with her ALL day and never asked again what i did all day!!  The next week she started going to the sitters house for the 2 days I work.  Her name is Cheri but we all call her Yaya.  Let me just tell you....Ava LOVES her Yaya!!  We had been visiting before I went back to work just so she would be comfortable there and she had no trouble at all.  Yaya also keeps her granddaughter and one of our friends little girl.  They are both 1 so Ava is having a blast playing with the big girls!  We are so blessed to have found such an amazing person to keep Ava.  I too transitioned back to work pretty well....just glad it's only 2 days!  She changes way to fast to be away from her any longer.

Her newest tricks have really just started this past couple of weeks.  She is finally getting the hang of sitting by herself.  We still have a few face plants but she just rolls with it and laughs!

She also is finally up on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth but not going anywhere just quite yet!  So close though.

We have also been attempting cereal for a few weeks but have been completely shut out but last night she ate cereal and some pears and liked it!  Not eating a ton but better than spitting it back on me :)
ok I think I'm ready

after a few bites she took the spoon herself!

hue gave her this bread from yaya to play with---she ended up sucking on it!!

wore herself out eating

first try with cereal at nana and papa's house

not a fan at all

So...that is what we have been up to!  Having play dates is also pretty high on the list as well as brunch with the girls and seeing Macie and Beckett as often as we can.  Just loving life and trying to take it all in.  Here are a few more pics of her because she is just too darn cute!!!

her friend J--trying to stick her hand down her pants!!

J licking her---guess this is the new way to get to know each other :)

sweet face

i found my feet--yea!

pretty girl

chillin with daddy

big girl in a high chair for the first time :)

so happy

just love this one--she fell asleep while i was getting ready one day

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