Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness

Ava is 6 months old!!!  How is it that 1/2 a year is already gone??  We are having such a great time at the Freeman house.  Our pumpkin is showing ALOT of personality these days!  Here are a few of our lastest stats:

** 27in long and 14lbs 13 oz (long and skinny--definitely did NOT get that from her momma!!)
** crawling EVERYWHERE and starting to pull up on things--slow down little momma!!
** things i like to eat--avacados, bananas, PUFFS--she doesn't like these...she LOVES them!
** things i don't so much like--cereal (instant gag when she eats this) and most baby food--she doesn't like the thin texture

We have been just hanging out mostly and spending some fun times with our cousins.  We are so blessed to be living so close to my sister and her family so we can see them fairly often and so that our kids can grow up together.

Ava's crawling is coming right along and she is now pulling up one things everywhere!  Can someone please tell me where my little baby went??  She is just way to big.  Suki--the cat--is her new favorite play thing.  Luckily Suki is relatively tolerant of a lunging baby!!
** i have tried multiple times to load a video here but it is not working---check out the mobile me gallery at this link***

Here are a few of my fav pics from the month---i said a few---there are a TON more in the gallery!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!

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