Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where did the time go??

How is it possible that my baby girl is a year old???  This past year has flown by and I am so blessed to be this little girls momma!!  She brings such joy to my life and a smile to my face :)  She is so smart that we are having to be very careful what we do and say around her because she is imitating EVERYTHING!  Here are our latest stats from our 1yr check up today:
** 30 3/4 in tall--90th%
** 20lbs 8oz--49%
not sure where this long and lean girl is coming from but we will take it!
** walking/running EVERYWHERE!  we've been doing this since 9mo old so she thinks she's an old pro ;)
** eating anything we let her--a couple of new favs are oranges, craisins, prunes, chicken and of course french fries (and the occasional ice cream from daddy!)
** we have 4 teeth--front 2 top and bottom--making chewing things really fun lately
** favorite things to say are mama, dada and yaya (her precious baby sitter)

We have had alot going on since I last posted so let me try to catch you up a little--

ava & great grandmother
Ava got to spend some time with her Great-Grandmother on her 93rd birthday in June!  She of course was impressed with our smart girl :)

wonderland 2011
Ava got to take her from trip to Wonderland Park with her PaPa!!  As you can tell by the giant smile, she LOVE the carousel!  This is a little theme park in Amarillo that we used to go to growing up.  PaPa loves to take his kiddos every summer :)

ava and mrs gray
While we were at mom and dad's we got to see another very special lady--Mrs. Gray.  This precious lady and her husband were our "adopted" grandparents for a day at church when i was about 4 and we never let them go.  She too is spunky 90 something just like Hue's Grandmother!

meeting curious george
We met Ava's friend Jillian and her mommy and daddy at Barnes and Noble story time one friday night and got to meet Curious George!  Not sure she is a fan but it sure was fun!

brother's 2nd birthday
And last but not least, Ava took some flowers and a sunshine toy to her big brother for his birthday.  She loved the fountains there in the cemetery. 

That is not nearly all of what we have done but you all might quit reading if I drag this out anymore!!  I am so excited to see what this next year brings in my sweet girl's life!  I pray daily for her to be safe, healthy, strong and independent and so far all prayers are being answered!

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